Daily Devotion


James 1:17

“Every good gift and perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning”.


Even though the difference in the spelling of the two words is just “re”, their meanings are miles apart. A resource is a stock, supply, or other asset required to function effectively. A source is a place, person, or thing from which something originates, or can be obtained. The major difference between these words is that a resource is a means to an end, and usually originates from a source. However, a source exists on its own, and usually generates resources. The two are somewhat related, but have a huge difference.

The good things of life (money, wealth, fame, friends, health, etc.) are the resources provided by God to make our lives functional and comfortable. However, our lives should not be dependent on them in such a way that we are paralyzed without them; or we neglect God who is the ultimate source! As we enjoy God’s blessings, let us bear in mind that HE is the source of every good thing, and our hope/trust should be in HIM (the provider), not the resource.

Life is full of change and uncertainty (instability) – resources come and go, but God (the source) is unchanging, secure, and stable. Placing our hope/trust in resources is a recipe for disappointment, failure, frustration, stress, etc. But placing our hope/trust in God is a sure path to success, peace, joy, and stress-free living. If our eyes are on God, it does not matter what happens to the resources; their presence or absence will not dictate our emotions. Rather we are stable because our hope is in the unchanging God who is not volatile. He has the whole world at His command; and as long as we look to Him, His resources are abundant to meet our needs, because He is the source that never runs dry!

Resources are limited, but our God is unlimited!



Orieoma Aghachi

I pray that as a christian, I never lose sight of my source GOD. or be carried away by the resources He provides fo me.

Ziri Dafranchi


Ziri Dafranchi

Thank you Lord that you alone are our Source and that every resource flows from you; and that you have opened the eyes of our spirits to appreciate this truth.

Thank you for sharing!

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