Delivered from Sudden Cancer Attack

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad (Psalms 126:3)”.

I am almost tempted to re-write and personalize these verse; but for the sake of not altering the way the Bible says it, I’ll leave it as the song of David, but technically, it is my song!

God has done great things for me since I came to Cavalry Worship Centre. An attempt to give a full account will spill beyond the pages of this book; so I will tell of the most recent miracle of healing I received from God.

My health was under attack recently – my blood pressure specifically had spiked to an alarming level. It was even more concerning to note that there was no stressful situation responsible for this highly elevated readings. Let me save you the trouble of knowing the exact number – let’s just say it alarmed my doctor, and triggered a visit to the hospital’s emergency ward. I tried every natural method I knew to bring it down; but the situation worsened over a short period of time.

I started observing some other disturbing symptoms. Hard as I tried, they could not be ignored. At that stage, I started praying earnestly, and sought medical help. Series of tests were conducted clinically; and according to the results, I was told it was a case of cancer (because there was a huge lump), and that I will also have to undergo a heart surgery. The doctor also requested I come back to the clinic the next day for one more test (this was supposed to be the final test since I had taken all the possible tests).

Wow! What a heavy tiding it was – almost like receiving a death sentence!

Despite the turmoil in my heart, God gave me a deep rooted/unshakeable faith – transcending any fear that could arise. I called a close friend of mine for a prayer of agreement. God assured us HE was going to deliver me, and that this disease will go as suddenly as it came. As customary with the devil, he flashed several negative thoughts through my mind; but the Spirit of God, through God’s word, raised up a standard against each of those thoughts. There was a real battle going on, but the opposing army was no match for my God!

I kept my mind engaged with God’s word, sermons, songs, scripture confessions, and any testimony available. Knowing it was time for God to showcase HIS power, I kept saying “God, this is an opportunity to prove you once more; take all the glory”. In a nutshell, I went back to that same clinic the next day (as instructed), and believe it or not, it was gone!

I was given a clean bill of health! No more cancer! No more surgery! Even all the dreadful symptoms had disappeared in an instant!

The healing happened so quickly I almost doubted the initial doctor’s verdict of cancer/surgery. But the Spirit of God told me the doctor’s initial report was true, but because we prayed, HE had taken way this condition overnight – all of a sudden – as HE said!

Folks, truly there is no impossibility with God – I have proved this over and over again. Most times we limit Him by our lack of faith! Permit me to raise this assurance – if you give God the opportunity to take the glory for whatever situation you might be facing in life, He will astound you in measures beyond the comprehension of your finite mind! He is able to do exceedingly….Ephesians 3:20.

Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him, how I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er;

Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus, oh for grace to trust Him more!

Truly my God has done a miracle for which I will forever be grateful!!!

Kidney Stone Turned to Water

On May 1st 2015, around 5am, while in the dining room of my residence meditating God’s word, I felt a severe pain on the left side of my lower abdomen. I immediately put my hands over the place of pain and started praying for healing. My wife and I prayed earnestly, but there was no healing, instead, there was more pain. I decided to lay on the bed and get some rest hoping that things would get better, but the pain persisted.

In the past, I have experienced the power of healing through prayer. I was not one to take medication because I believed that God could heal me without medication and so I continued to lie in bed through the pain and prayed that God would have His way and do his mighty work in me. In the Bible, the spoken word of God brought healing to many people, but He also brought healing in many other ways; either by putting mud on the blind man’s eyes, or just a touch of His power, God was able to deliver people from their sicknesses.

Often times when we pray, we ask God for help, but it is crucial that we listen to what God wants to do because he does not always do things the way we expect him to. In this moment of pain, I was expecting an instant or miraculous healing, but God had a different plan. In my spirit I could sense God saying “Son, you need to go to the Emergency”. This was not exactly what I wanted to hear (or do) because I believed in divine healing; but I was given a gentle reminder that this is to bring Glory to God, so I obeyed.

I went to the emergency room, and after being given medication (to relieve the pain), and a C.T scan taken, I was admitted. I had no idea what was wrong with me but while waiting for the results of the C.T Scan, I prayed saying “God I do not know what is wrong with me, but if there is one thing I know, it is that you are still God, and you are still on your throne; if this is to bring you glory, then let your will be done Lord, for I am yours.” As I finished this prayer I fell asleep and had a dream; I saw myself lying on the hospital bed while an angel was standing beside my bed. I awoke to the sound of my phone ringing. It was a sister from my prayer group who had called me and she told me that as she was praying for me and she saw that God was standing beside me and holding my hand.

When the results of the C.T Scan came, the doctor said “Congratulations, you have a good size of kidney stones”. It was 7x5x5mm kidney stones, and I was at Level 4. According to the Doctor, less than 5mm kidney stones could possibly be treated with medication; but with more than 5mm kidney stones, I would have to undergo surgery, or laser surgery, which would supposedly break the stones so it can be passed out.

The doctor booked an appointment with the specialist for Monday (this incident took place on a Friday). At this point, due to the medication I was given, the pain had gone. The doctor mentioned that due to the size of the stones, it would be impossible to pass them out naturally. There is prayer meeting at church on Fridays; so I decided to go to the prayer meeting, instead of staying at home. But I came with more medication to keep easing the pain.

After the prayer meeting, my wife shared my story with a brother (one of the deacons), who came, laid hands on me, and prayed. During the prayer, I was overcome by the Holy spirit, so I was left lying on the floor. When I finally regained consciousness, and was leaving the church, I heard the Lord clearly say “Do not take the medicine for I will use this to glorify my name” – this was an answer to my prayer that was made on the hospital bed.

The next day, we had a group prayer meeting and my friends at the meeting wanted to pray for me. But God spoke to me asking that I tell my friends not to pray for my healing because He has heard my prayers and already healed me! God said, “I have turned your kidney stone into water, so ask your friends to give thanks instead” – and that is just what we did.

On Monday, I went to see the specialist. He asked if I was feeling any pain, and if I had taken the prescribed medication the doctor had given me. My answer was “no”; he asked me why, and I told him I do not need it. He asked if I was having any problems further and I told him that everything was normal. He went through my C.T scan results and mentioned that I required surgery; he also mentioned I should take an X-ray to confirm the presence of kidney stones prior to setting up a date for the surgery (which should take place about a month from then), but that if pain were to relapse, I should rush back to the emergency room. Knowing I was healed, I resumed work, kept busy, and felt no need to go and collect my X-ray results.

I knew the kidney stone had finally been passed out when I was at the x-ray office and had gone to the washroom, I noticed that the color of my urine was normal (bright yellow). I remembered what God had said during the prayer meeting that He would turn my stone into water. I was supposed to see the doctor a month prior, but waited so long to come get the results.

When I saw the Specialist again, he went through my X-ray results and could not find any trace of the stones in my kidney! The stones were gone; my God had done a miracle just as HE said!

The Doctor said the kidney stones must be hiding and to come and see him soon. I immediately rejected that word in the name of Jesus and told him that I will not see you again, and I walked out of that office on that day. From May, 2015 to September 2017, I have never gone back to see the doctor again. Even my family doctor cannot believe that my kidney stone is just gone; he sent me to get an ultrasound twice to see where the stones are hiding, but they could not find it!

Dear brothers and sisters, the name of Jesus is bigger than any sickness, disease, or situation we may go through in life. In Luke 13:10 – 13, the woman had a problem for 18 years, she could not even stand straight, but she still came to worship and praise God and listen to his word and Jesus healed her. Do not let any situation in your life take you away from the presence of God because where Jesus is, there is healing, deliverance, and miracles.

If God could turn my kidney stones into water, then he can do the impossible for you too. He is the God of yesterday, today and forever. I pray that the Lord our God will do a mighty work in your life, so that you will proclaim His goodness to the entire world. May He touch you so deeply that you would never forget it.

To declare the glory of God, I lift up your situations into His hands, and pray that His name be lifted up above every other name.


Help from Unexpected Quarters

First, let me start by giving God his due thanks and praises. God has been instrumental in my life in many ways, as a giver and receptor of his grace, mercies and love. God has performed countless miracles in my life and here are a few:

On a hot summer day in July in the midst of running errands God told me to go into a gas station as I was about to drive past. I responded to him saying I have a full tank of gas and do not need any, he insisted that I go in so I did. Immediately I started thinking this was my lucky day, God must be planning to bless me, so I went inside the gas station bought some lottery tickets and went back out to the car since there was nothing else to do. While in the car getting ready to pull out of the station he told me to turn my car off and I did. I started looking around and noticed a car at the corner pump with the drivers head turned down, I got out and approached the car and there was a lady in the car with tears in her eyes. I asked her what the problem was and she said her car ran out of gas and she didn’t have any money on her person and needed to make it back home. She said she was going to keep driving until the car cut off but God told her to pull into this gas station and wait!!. I told her God told me to do the same thing, you must be the reason I was sent here. I put some gas in her tank and gave her some money to feed the kids in the car with her (I was going through some trying times as well, but God felt she needed it more than I did). When I left I had this feeling of serenity within me…Thank God for the ability to listen and obey.


A while ago I was going through a very rough patch; I had been laid off and didn’t really have any income and nowhere to turn to. I kept applying for new jobs and praying for Gods help and guidance. Weeks had gone by and nothing had changed, I had an eviction notice put on my door saying I have 2 more days to pay or get evicted and that a late fee has been added. The eve of eviction  day came and I prayed as usual and left It in God’s hands, come evening there was no change and I was starting to lose hope so I started packing up what little belongings I had and put them in a corner. I was feeling down and decided to go play soccer with some of my friends to take my mind of the dreadful situation. I got there and played, afterwards reality set in. I started heading for my car when one of the guys I just played with who was a middle aged muslin called me over, he asked how I was doing and I responded that I was doing ok. He reached in his pocket and pulled out an envelope and handed it to me and said ‘God told me to give this to you’. I thanked him and left, I was skeptical and didn’t want to raise my hopes so I didn’t open the envelope till I got back home. As soon as I got into the apartment and closed the door I opened the envelope and there it was a check for the exact amount I owed in rent including the late fee. I burst into tears cause it didn’t make sense that someone who I barely knew and a Muslim at that, was used by God in such a way. That strengthened my faith and helped me understand the incomprehensible reach of Gods hand. There is absolutely nothing impossible for him…Bless his name.

Eyes Healed

This happened many years ago in my childhood, but it’s a testimony to God’s divine power to heal, and I pray it blesses you.

So many years ago, I developed a condition I believe is called cataract. It started gradually, and quickly degenerated to such a state I lost my vision in that eye. Water was consistently dripping out of that eyes, and it was almost closed –say 3/4 closed.

We had put all our faith and trust in God; and even as a little girl at that time, my faith was unwavering! I never heard any negative words from my mother – she was full of faith and believed God for a miracle.

This situation was obviously a concern to everyone who knew us – my teachers, colleagues, friends, neighbors, etc. There were many suggestions as the situation worsened daily; but we only looked up to God.

Then one day it happened! I did not even realize God had healed me. While getting dressed for school, I decided to examine my eyes as usual, but surprisingly I could not figure out which eye it was –this was when I realized God had healed me! I screamed and jumped for joy! My mum came running to my room, and when I told her what had happened, she wept for joy.

The eye was perfectly restored; healed without any medical intervention! It was no longer dripping water, no more pain, no longer closed, but now open. Up till date, I still cannot tell which eye it was. My vision has remained 20/20 in both eyes! I give God all the glory!


Debt Cancelled

I used to owe a large sum of money; and my financial situation was so bad (at the time) that I could not even come up with any payment plan. I have often prayed about a lot of things, but it never occurred to me to pray about this debt. One day, while going through my email, I saw an email from the organization I owed stating that my debt has been cancelled! This was completely beyond me! I did not even pray for such mercy; neither did I ask the organization for such a favor. God did much more than I could ask or imagine, and I am shouting out HIS praise!


Deliverance from Accident

On the day of this incident, my husband and all our children were in the car returning from a church service. We got to a very busy intersection on the high way, and we were the very first car waiting to make a left turn. The lane we were waiting to cross had a green light, so cars were flying past at a very high speed. When the light turned yellow, most of the cars had gone by, and the intersection was reasonably free and safe for us to turn left –there was no on-coming vehicle. Just as we were turning left, we caught sight of a vehicle coming head on at full speed, charging towards us (at the intersection). I cannot tell you where this vehicle suddenly came from, it would seem as if it suddenly appeared at the scene. In that split second, all we could shout was “Jesus”, and very narrowly, the car missed us as it fled past the intersection we were about to cross. The Lord did send HIS angels, and our lives were spared. I have come to give thanks to HIS name.