Prayer Requests

Please pray for a girl suffering from a strange infirmity. Pray that God will set her free from the shackles of this infirmity.

Pray for someone dealing with kidney failure. Pray for complete healing of the kidney, and other complications.

Pray for the salvation of a pastor’s sons who have departed from the faith. Pray that they have a life transforming encounter with God.

Please pray for a little girl dealing with scoliosis (S-shaped spinal cord). Pray for wisdom for all the medical personals involved. But most especially, pray for God’s divine intervention and healing.

Pray for business and financial breakthrough for one who is dealing with hardship and financial struggles. Pray for open doors, and opportunities.

Pray for family who is bereaved. Pray for God’s strength and comfort at this time of loss.

Pray for a sister who just lost her father and father-in-law the same time. Pray for God’s comfort for this family; especially the spouses of the bereaved.

Pray for one who is unemployed and seeking a job. Pray for God’s immediate intervention in this situation. Also pray against the spirit of depression and discouragement.

Pray for a brother who left the faith, and no longer believes in God.  Pray that he would have an encounter with the true and living God.

Pray for a lady who had a stroke, and now recovering. Pray that God would restore her back 100%.

Pray for someone dealing with a court case as a consequence of his actions. Pray that the mercy of God will prevail.