Daily Devotion


Psalms 37:5-6


“Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.
He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your justice as the noonday”.


As humans, we like to exercise control over various areas of our lives (e.g. we want control over our time, our resources, the issues of life, etc.) – we are wired that way.  We feel most uncomfortable when that power of control is taken away or challenged by any person or thing.

However, as humans we are inadequately gifted in our limited capacity to direct the uncertainties of life to a successful end – God alone reserves the sole authority or capacity to do this; only if we let Him. but the truth is that we are most times unwilling to relinquish our control to God – how sad!

However, even though He has made us free morale agents, God wants us to surrender this power of control to Him so He can direct the affairs of our lives as He deems fit. Just recently, God orchestrated a situation (in my life) that re-enforced the need for His control over every aspect of our lives.

I was in need of something, and I tried in my own strength to make it happen. I subjected myself to a lot of emotional toil and turmoil – but all my efforts proved abortive at the end. Exasperated, and exhausted, I yielded my will and control to God. There was no guarantee or promise that HE will grant my request; but I was content with whatever decision HE will take with regards to that matter; and life went on as usual.

All of sudden, even when I had given up on the request, God came through for me from unexpected quarters! His provisions for that need was more than I could ask for – God literally blew my mind! And I did not have to spend a single dime from my purse.

Folks, it pays to let God drive. He knows the road, He sees the bumps, He understands the curves. All you have to do is relinquish your control, and then relax. He will drive you through the journey of life, and land you on a sweet harbor – your satisfaction is guaranteed.

When you allow God to take over the wheels of your life, the outcomes He will work out for you will transcend any lofty plans your finite mind can possibly devise!