Daily Devotion


Psalms 66:12; Proverbs 23: 7

“You let people ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance”.


Problems! Problems!! Problems!!! Life is full of them. Everyone is plagued with one or two (or quite a few in some cases). They are pervasive – you don’t need to look far; just observe the lives of people around you, or better still, your own life – you will immediately note your lack of choice in that area, either in the types of problems that come your way, or the intensity of the ones you receive.

Problems, challenges, pain – whatever you call it, has its stigma in the society. No one values them, no one likes them, no one wants them, and no one enjoys them. Our experiences of them are not pleasant.

But wait a minute, the outcomes we derive from them could be valuable!

You see, the problem is not the problem, but how you see the problem! If you only view the problem through the lens of pain, difficulty, and hardship, then (unintentionally) you extremely magnify its intensity and capacity to hurt!

But if you learn to view the problem through the lens of an ‘opportunity’, you inversely diminish its magnitude and ability to destroy; as a matter of fact, you create a potential for transformation!

Every problem or challenge bears an inherent potential for something positive – it could be success or greatness in disguise; or improvement at the very least. So when life’s problems come knocking at the door, or a sudden challenge shows up – change your lens to a ‘positive’ view, and focus on the hidden opportunities. Sometimes you might need to look inwards to find those opportunities, but by all means, look for them because they are there.

Refuse to focus on the problem; do not entertain self-pity; rather pursue the positives in that situation.

Flip the table around, and ride that storm!

Make your story become the glory that adorns your life!