New Heart for a 65 Years Old Man

Raj’s Testimony


By a “new heart”, I mean a biological heart – which Jesus inserted into the body of a man over 65 years old!


Late summer of 2016 I was a victim of a really bad flu; the fever would not leave me in spite of constant medications prescribed by doctors, changing one medicine to another. This went on for 3 weeks; I also had difficulty sleeping because my breathing was getting difficult.

I came to a stage where I was very weak lying in bed taking medications and not eating well, and I lost over 25 lbs. At this time, it became very difficult to breathe and even sitting upright in bed which used to alleviate the pain was not working anymore. I asked my wife to call for an ambulance, the pain was unbearable.

The ambulance took me to Eagle Ridge Hospital where I was admitted. The diagnosis the ER doctor came up with was pneumonia. I never had pneumonia before, and was inoculated as prevention against it. I stayed in hospital for 3 to 4 days where I received IV treatment. I was feeling better and was discharged.  I had difficulty walking around, I was always gasping for air as I walked up the short stairs in my home.

My family doctor referred me to a cardiologist. After several tests, that doctor told me I had to get a pacemaker due to my lowered heart rate, which read 35 bpm instead of the normal 75 bpm. My surgery appointment for the pacemaker was set to early February 2017, I was prepared. In the meantime, my immediate family arranged several prayers. The same week the church prayer was to take place, I was scheduled for surgery earlier that week. Then mysteriously, I was informed by R.C. Hospital that the surgery had been cancelled, I was disappointed. A couple of days later, in spite of my recent car accident, my nephew took me to church – my very first time. I attended the extreme prayer session organized by the church. My nephew and his mum also prayed for me earnestly in that prayer meeting. That night I had a peaceful sleep, and when I awoke I felt great, and experienced a huge positive difference in myself. My heart rate had gone up to 72 bpm!

I informed my family doctor, and that week she informed the cardiologist and suggested that I don’t require a pacemaker anymore. Just to be sure my cardiologist sent me home with a 24 hr holter monitor. After a week he called me and said my heart was performing great, however, due to my age his team had decided I must get the pacemaker. I asked the doctor, “what does a pacemaker do?” He explained that when the heart rate slows down the pacemaker brings it back up to the normal rate using an electric impulse to stimulate your heart. I told the doctor I had a “divine intervention” and this “new heart” given by God does not know “how to slow down!” And that I don’t need a pacemaker anymore.  He disagreed but asked me to return to the clinic in 6 months and he would run the tests again, I agreed.

After 6 months I went in and had all the necessary cardio testing, and the doctor sat me down to explain my results. He said to me, “I cannot find any explanation as to how and why your heart rate is steady and persistent, other than that this must be a miracle.” Finally, he had admitted to what our God had done. God had blessed me with a “brand new heart!”

Hallelujah, Praise the Lord. This heart does not know how to slow down!



  • Raj Kumar