Kidney Stone Turned to Water

Peter’s Testimony


On May 1st 2015, around 5am, while in the dining room of my residence meditating God’s word, I felt a severe pain on the left side of my lower abdomen. I immediately put my hands over the place of pain and started praying for healing. My wife and I prayed earnestly, but there was no healing, instead, there was more pain. I decided to lay on the bed and get some rest hoping that things would get better, but the pain persisted.

In the past, I have experienced the power of healing through prayer. I was not one to take medication because I believed that God could heal me without medication and so I continued to lie in bed through the pain and prayed that God would have His way and do his mighty work in me. In the Bible, the spoken word of God brought healing to many people, but He also brought healing in many other ways; either by putting mud on the blind man’s eyes, or just a touch of His power, God was able to deliver people from their sicknesses.

Often times when we pray, we ask God for help, but it is crucial that we listen to what God wants to do because he does not always do things the way we expect him to. In this moment of pain, I was expecting an instant or miraculous healing, but God had a different plan. In my spirit I could sense God saying “Son, you need to go to the Emergency”. This was not exactly what I wanted to hear (or do) because I believed in divine healing; but I was given a gentle reminder that this is to bring Glory to God, so I obeyed.

I went to the Maple Ridge Hospital Emergency room, and after being given medication (to relieve the pain), and a C.T scan taken, I was admitted. I had no idea what was wrong with me but while waiting for the results of the C.T Scan, I prayed saying “God I do not know what is wrong with me, but if there is one thing I know, it is that you are still God, and you are still on your throne; if this is to bring you glory, then let your will be done Lord, for I am yours.” As I finished this prayer I fell asleep and had a dream; I saw myself lying on the hospital bed while an angel was standing beside my bed. I awoke to the sound of my phone ringing. It was a sister from my prayer group who had called me and she told me that as she was praying for me and she saw that God was standing beside me and holding my hand.

When the results of the C.T Scan came, the doctor said “Congratulations, you have a good size of kidney stones”. It was 7x5x5mm kidney stones, and I was at Level 4. According to the Doctor, less than 5mm kidney stones could possibly be treated with medication; but with more than 5mm kidney stones, I would have to undergo surgery, or laser surgery, which would supposedly break the stones so it can be passed out.

The doctor booked an appointment with the specialist for Monday (this incident took place on a Friday). At this point, due to the medication I was given, the pain had gone. The doctor mentioned that due to the size of the stones, it would be impossible to pass them out naturally. There is prayer meeting at church on Fridays; so I decided to go to the prayer meeting, instead of staying at home. But I came with more medication to keep easing the pain.

After the prayer meeting, my wife shared my story with a brother (one of the deacons), who came, laid hands on me, and prayed. During the prayer, I was overcome by the Holy spirit, so I was left lying on the floor. When I finally regained consciousness, and was leaving the church, I heard the Lord clearly say “Do not take the medicine for I will use this to glorify my name” – this was an answer to my prayer that was made on the hospital bed.

The next day, we had a group prayer meeting and my friends at the meeting wanted to pray for me. But God spoke to me asking that I tell my friends not to pray for my healing because He has heard my prayers and already healed me! God said, “I have turned your kidney stone into water, so ask your friends to give thanks instead” – and that is just what we did.

On Monday, I went to see the specialist. He asked if I was feeling any pain, and if I had taken the prescribed medication the doctor had given me. My answer was “no”; he asked me why, and I told him I do not need it. He asked if I was having any problems further and I told him that everything was normal. He went through my C.T scan results and mentioned that I required surgery; he also mentioned I should take an X-ray to confirm the presence of kidney stones prior to setting up a date for the surgery (which should take place about a month from then), but that if pain were to relapse, I should rush back to the emergency room. Knowing I was healed, I resumed work, kept busy, and felt no need to go and collect my X-ray results.

I knew the kidney stone had finally been passed out when I was at the x-ray office and had gone to the washroom, I noticed that the color of my urine was normal (bright yellow). I remembered what God had said during the prayer meeting that He would turn my stone into water. I was supposed to see the doctor a month prior, but waited so long to come get the results.

When I saw the Specialist again, he went through my X-ray results and could not find any trace of the stones in my kidney! The stones were gone; my God had done a miracle just as HE said!

The Doctor said the kidney stones must be hiding and to come and see him soon. I immediately rejected that word in the name of Jesus and told him that I will not see you again, and I walked out of that office on that day. From May, 2015 to September 2017, I have never gone back to see the doctor again. Even my family doctor cannot believe that my kidney stone is just gone; he sent me to get an ultrasound twice to see where the stones are hiding, but they could not find it!

Dear brothers and sisters, the name of Jesus is bigger than any sickness, disease, or situation we may go through in life. In Luke 13:10 – 13, the woman had a problem for 18 years, she could not even stand straight, but she still came to worship and praise God and listen to his word and Jesus healed her. Do not let any situation in your life take you away from the presence of God because where Jesus is, there is healing, deliverance, and miracles.

If God could turn my kidney stones into water, then he can do the impossible for you too. He is the God of yesterday, today and forever. I pray that the Lord our God will do a mighty work in your life, so that you will proclaim His goodness to the entire world. May He touch you so deeply that you would never forget it.

To declare the glory of God, I lift up your situations into His hands, and pray that His name be lifted up above every other name.


-Peter’s Testimony