Daily Devotion


Psalms 68:19

Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loads us with benefits, The God of our salvation!


The Bible talks about `daily benefits` bestowed upon us on daily basis by our loving Father in heaven. God in HIS infinite mercy and kindness prepares for us certain blessings for each new day; and we can count on these benefits as sure as the sun rises each morning.

The gift of life each morning is one of these benefits – it is easy to take for granted the miracle of waking up every morning; most times we think it is a right, but it is actually a miracle and a gift from God that we see another day.

Someone once gave a profound insight with regards to the blessing of a brand new day – you cannot ascribe the praise of seeing another day to your alarm clock, because the same alarm clock can be placed near a dead person and they will never wake up! So if you think you were woken by your alarm clock, think again! There is something about the spirit of a man that supersedes the ability or functions of an alarm clock. Man-made systems in their limited functionality, cannot call back to life the soul of a man – this ability is solely reserved to God; therefore all the glory belongs to HIM.

Other benefits include health, nature, sunshine, air, flowers, animals, protection, provisions, and many other too numerous to mention.

As you go through today, make sure to observe these benefits, take the time to seek them out, and give thanks for each one.


Song by Jim Reeves (meditate on the lyrics of this song)


We thank Thee each morning for a newborn day

Where we may work the fields of new mown hay

We thank Thee for the sunshine

And the air that we breathe

Oh Lord we thank Thee


We thank Thee for the rivers that run all day

We thank Thee for the little birds that sing along the way

We thank Thee for the trees

And the deep blue sea

Oh Lord we thank Thee


Oh yes we thank Thee Lord

For every flower that blooms

Birds that sing, fish that swim

And the light of the moon


We thank Thee every day

As we kneel and pray

That we were born with eyes

To see these things


We thank Thee for the fields

Where the clovers grow

We thank Thee for the pastures

Where the cattle may roam

We thank Thee for Thy love so pure and free

Oh Lord we thank Thee